Westminster Dog Show 2022 Live

Westminster Dog Show 2022 Live: The 2022 Westminster Kennel Club dog show is back this week after the canine competition was postponed from its usual winter date because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is upon us, once again providing dog lovers the opportunity to coo at their television screens and ask the eternal, oft-repeated question: Who’s a good boy?

This year the number of dog breeds eligible for the Westminster Dog Show has grown to 211, with the American Kennel Club officially recognising two new breeds. The Hungarian farm dog Mudi will join the Herding group, while the small Russian Toy is being added to the Toy Group.

Don’t just take my word for it though. All four days of the Dog Show will be broadcast and livestreamed for viewers at home, so you can admire all the good boys and girls from the comfort of your home. You won’t be able to pet them, of course, but you probably wouldn’t be allowed to even if you bought yourself a ticket and visited Tarrytown, NY in person.

Loyal Westminster watchers don’t have to miss a minute of the competition. Live streaming of the 2022 Westminster Dog Show’s events will be available at, the WKC App, and FOX Sports App.

Additionally, there will be 17 hours of live coverage from the show on FS1 and FS2, two and a half hours of the Agility Finals on FOX, an eight-hour live simulcast in Spanish on FOX Deportes, and 17 hours of live simulcast on Sportsnet in Canada.


Westminster Dog Show Live

Westminster Dog Show Live: The Westminster Dog Show is generally a winter affair where the best and brightest pups descend upon Madison Square Garden with ambitions of being named “Best in Show.” The event, however, will be held at a different venue for the second year in a row.

Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, New York — which hails itself as “where Hudson Valley begins” — will host the Westminster Dog Show on its grounds. It’s the first time since 1914 the show will be away from Madison Square Garden for multiple years.

The other quirk of the being in Tarrytown is that takes place June, the same as 2021. The show is traditionally held in February.

Here’s what to know about the Westminster Dog Show in 2022, including when it is and why it’s occurring so far out of its normal dates.

The 2022 Westminster Dog Show was initially supposed to occur on Jan. 22 and conclude on Jan. 26. It was also supposed to make its return to Madison Square Garden, after taking place in Tarrytown last year.

A spike in COVID-19 cases in New York City, however, forced the show to scuttle its plans and postpone it indefinitely.

“Due to the surge of the Omicron variant in New York City, the Board of Governors of the Westminster Kennel Club has made the difficult decision to postpone the 146th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Presented by Purina Pro Plan to a later date in 2022,” a statement in January read, per

Where is the Lyndhurst Estate?

Lyndhurst Estate is located in Tarrytown, New York overlooking the Hudson River. It’s north of Yonkers and south of Yorktown Heights.

A gothic architecture, Lyndhurst Estate has appeared in movies like House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows. It has also played host to scenes in “Project Runway” and “The Blacklist.”

Naturally, enclosed events are always a risk present day. But with venues filling up regularly, expect to see the Westminster Kennel Club’s prize event back in MSG sooner than later.

What other venues have hosted the Westminster Dog Show?

Although it’s a rarity, other venues than Madison Square Garden have hosted the Westminster Dog Show before. Here is a list and other venues, the years they’ve hosted, and the reason.

Will the Westminster Dog Show move to summer permanently?

There’s no indication the Westminster Dog Show will be moved to the summer permanently. Given it was ready to move back to January in 2022 before the Omicron variant surge, it’s likely the show will try to get back to the iconic Madison Square Garden as soon as possible.


Westminster Dog Show 2022

Westminster Dog Show 2022: The 2022 Westminster Kennel Club dog show is back this week after the canine competition was postponed from its usual winter date because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the second consecutive year, the Super Bowl of the dog world has relocated from Manhattan to the grounds of Lyndhurst estate in Tarrytown, New York.

The Westchester County venue will host thousands of dogs, owners, handlers and fans across 67 acres of greenery for the 146th Westminster Kennel Club dog show, which ends June 22 with the naming of best in show.

Almost 3,500 dogs will compete in Westminster week, including group judging, agility and obedience. At least 163 of those dogs will represent New Jersey in breed competition.

Golden retrievers are the most represented breed, followed by Labrador retrievers, pugs, Rhodesian ridgebacks and French bulldogs.

See below for a full schedule of Westminster events and a watch guide for both streaming and TV.

The Westminster Masters Agility Championship, the first event of Westminster week, will see dogs swiftly weave around poles, deftly navigate a series of hurdles and jumps, carefully balance on a seesaw and wildly careen through a tunnel to try for the quickest, cleanest runs.

In 2021, Verb, a border collie from Wyncote, Pennsylvania, won agility for the second time after first triumphing in 2019.

There are two ways to catch all the agility action:

The Westminster Kennel Club agility preliminaries will be livestreamed from 7:30 a.m. ET to 4 p.m. ET Saturday, June 18 at

The Westminster Masters Agility Championship finals will air from 12:30 p.m. ET to 3 p.m. ET Sunday, June 19 on Fox.

Westminster breed competition runs from 8 a.m. ET to 4:30 p.m. Monday, June 20, Tuesday, June 21 and Wednesday, June 22 and can be streamed live at or watched on demand at the website.


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